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About Us

Christian Bounaix traveled to America from Paris, paving the way as one of the first distributors of designers scarves from France's most prestigious fashion houses. Adhering to the principles of quality, elegance, and service has been the key to over 50 years of success.

His “French Touch in America” program has been recognized by the top names in the Couture field for his “Savoir Faire”. This includes Christian Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, Lanvin, Longchamp, and Geoffrey Beene. Christian has also been commissioned for the creation of exceptional, luxurious scarves and other items by organizations as Cartier, Neiman Marcus, the United Nations, and The Metropolitan Museum of New York to name a few.


The Zodiac Collection by Christian Bounaix is a combined love of unique, celestial gifts mixed with high-end quality and luxury. Featuring fine accessories under the twelve zodiac signs, each exclusive design is created in collaboration with renowned astrologists and internationally acclaimed artists from France, England, and Sweden. Thoughtful attention is put into every item to reflect the uniqueness each sign represents. Items range from 100% pure silk twill scarves and men's ties to finely etched crystal paperweights and gorgeous lithographs, with more to come. Beautiful gifts with a personal touch that are sure to be memorable and treasured.


Based in NY, is proud to be a small business in the USA, while delighting customers worldwide.

Contact us at or give us a call (516) 690-6514 M-F EST and we'd be happy to assist with your gift giving needs.